Thursday, December 22, 2011


Since there is a lack of gigs coming up, I thought I'd do a top ten list of the gigs I have photographed this year,  a retrospective if you will. I know what makes a good gig to me. Usually one that's easy to photograph.I was going to put a photos from each gig but just click the link and you will see the write up from each show... thanks for looking - have a great Christmas!

Coming in at number 10 is Ouch My Face live at some bar in Brunswick.
It was the bass players last gig with them, luckily they found a new one and had their first gig back last week under the name TITS (which I didn't see but was just flexing my I know everything about everyone muscle (read: I spend a lot of time of facebook)) supporting them was another good band called Damn Terran. That's why it made my list.

Being sneaky at number 9 is Katie Vigo and Gerogia Fields at the Toff in Town.
I hesitate to say kooky, it's not really... but it's also not that boring shit that girls can come up with sometimes. They still sing about girly stuff (I think) but the music is good and there is no auto tune raping everything. No rape, that's why it made my list.

Can't think of anything to say for number 8 which is [ME] live at another bar I can't remember the name of.
Been a fan of [ME] for some time, for me it's the Queen it's ok to like (Queen have a couple of good songs - and I think my main memory of Queen was when Axl sung with them at some Freddie Mercury tribute concert, so it could be a little skewed). And that's why it made my list.

Number 7 go to heaven is Georgia Fair ar the Toff in Town.
This made my list for one reason. Hipster music is a dime a dozen in Melbourne. It's everywhere. And while it can be kinda ok, it feels like they spend as much time picking out their shoes as they do practicing. And hipster isn't even a particular music style, it's how they look. It's not 1973 and you aren't Tom Waits. Anyway, Georgia Fair were great, a real surprise. Hipster with substance, that's why it made my list.

 Number 6 pickup sticks is Datarock live at East Brunswick Club.
Kinda like the above: Datarock made my list for one reason. Dance music is fucking gay. It's everywhere (especially at dance clubs). And while it's probably ok while peaking on drugs and your brain capacity is so low it feels like it's actually at 110%, I feel they spend too much time trying to be musicians and taking themselves too seriously. Datarock on the other hand are fun! and like to take the piss! AND THEY PLAY DANCE MUSIC WITH IN-STRUM-ENTS. I came away from that gig a fan, and that's why it made my list.

Number 5 is alive! is Barbarian, at the Tote.
See, I don't really LIKE metal, but I do like a good show. And this is why these guys were awesome. I was blown away and entertained at the same time. Are they taking the piss? or do they mean it? I dunno, and I don't care!

Number 4 Puta Madre Brothers at the Cherry Bar.
Another band who go that extra mile to create something that's not the stock standard these days. They dress up, they have an interesting take on how they perform and they are fun. And that's why they made my list!

Number 3 look at me Fly My Pretties at the Athenaeum Theatre.
I never thought I'd see these guys in Australia, let alone photograph them. One of the most slick, polished performances I have seen. The effort that goes into a show like this must be amazing. 16 awesome kiwi musicians blending together to make one awesome show.


Number 2 buckle my shoe is Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes at the Forum.
Two surprises that night: Ed Sharpe AND Reggie Watts, never heard either, loved them both - now a staple in my music listening...

Number 1, had to be done is Wagons at Queenscliff Music Festival.
I wasn't really judging this against any other acts I had seen this year, I was comparing it to the multiple times I had seen the Wagons play. They came on after the Triffids who gave their fans a very slick polished (2+ hour) performance. What do you do after that? Tear up the place? YES! These guys were on fire, what is usually a great show turned into a FUCKING WOOO YEA! ARRGGHHH YEA!!!!! WOOOO show.

 Number 0!!!!!!!!!!! Grinderman at the Palace.
I didn't photograph this one, I went as a fan, and holy shit. That's all I can really say. There are bands and there are BANDS, these guys were the latter.

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