Monday, July 18, 2011

Wagons? Foreal

The Wagons have been on tour around Australia for the last couple of months and it all ended up in Melbourne at the Forum on Saturday night. I was with them in Tasmania when they kicked off the tour and it was cool to also be at the last show - the Forum in Melbourne being a little bit different to a pub in Launceston. I thought I'd be cool and take on the task of being one of three people taking video and also taking photos for The Dwarf, and it all seemed to turn out alright.

First band of the night was Teeth and Tongue - a band I had seen pop up a bit on the Dwarf emails (to photograph) but had not seen. A three-piece and a drum machine - the drum machine usually being the death knock for me, BUT NOT IN THIS CASE. That's right, it was good. I think the last time I saw a band with a drum machine was in Timaru over Christmas last year where I witnessed a butchering of Santeria by Sublime.

Second up was a great band called Puta Madre Brothers - also a three piece but they all played drums this time. All three were sat at the front of the stage - two guitar players and a bass player and they all had kick drums and symbols. One had some sort of mutated kick pedal that allowed him to hit a snare drum. Nice. I will be checking these guys out ASAP.

ASAP. What kind of wanker came up with that term.

Before the Wagons came on there was a guest spot by a band called the D3 who have a song called 'Henry Fucking Wagons'..

The Wagons are always good - we had a list of songs that we had to video and between I was shooting stills, making the most of the access all areas pass. There were a couple of guest spots (the guy who recorded them was playing some guitar, and a saw player). Everyone was treated to a great night with 3 fucking great bands!

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Wagons (c) Michael Christian 2011

Wagons (c) Michael Christian 2011

Wagons (c) Michael Christian 2011

Teeth and Tongue (c) Michael Christian 2011
Puta Madre Brothers (c) Michael Christian 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Georgia Fields reprise

Some pics that I finally got around to asking if I could post to flickr and my blog.

I photographed Georgia a while back when she played at the Thornbury Theatre here in Melbourne. It was a cool show and I got some great shots. She was quite impressed with them and one night asked if I'd be keen on a quick photo shoot for a upcoming tour. I went - she was sick, it was cold, I lost a lens but we got some nice shots :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

cupcakes flickr and facebook

It's a funny story how I met Ben Smith.

I saw a photo a contact on flickr took of a sticker Ben made advertising his website and got in contact. He asked if I'd like to take some pics for him at some stage (of course I wanted to).

That was 12 months and 1 day ago!  Good things take time according to the old men on the cheese adverts.

So anyway, Ben finally said he had someone local who was keen on a shoot and would I like to do it.  Having only done one other shoot with like this, I was worried about it (IT being fucking IT up) but this is something I am keen on doing more of, so what the hell, I'm in!
We had a get together as no one had actually met eachother, we all got on well and now we just needed to find a kitchen that was old and awesome.

Enter facebook. Facebook is a new interactive game where you get to stalk people you went to school with and make sure that their life isn't all that great, even though they thought they were awesome when they were 16. And probably thought you were a bit strange. But look at me now.

I kinda sort of but not really knew Rebecca Houlden from meeting her when we were both shooting a gig, we were facebook friends and she replied when I put the word out. She has a kitchen. It's old. It's got an old oven. It's also got pink cupboards!

Everything came together nice and easy - the shoot was cool, we were in and out in a couple of hours.

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