Saturday, February 25, 2012


I have seen these guys a few times now (see here from when they supported the Wagons at the Forum, and also here from Cherry Bar) so there isn't much more I can really say that I haven't said already, they are great - an original live band.

They were supported by another Mexican type band called Mesa Cosa. Punky Mexican, very enjoyable.

What a night.

Where were you?

el sucker.

See the whole set here

Photographed for the AU review, see this and other gigs from me here

Puta Madre Brothers (c) 2012 Michael Christian

Mesa Cosa (c) 2012 Michael Christian

Puta Madre Brothers (c) 2012 Michael Christian

Puta Madre Brothers (c) 2012 Michael Christian

Puta Madre Brothers (c) 2012 Michael Christian

Now, for some video, this one from Mesa Cosa:

aaaaaand this one from Puta Madre Brothers which you have seen before:

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Damn (another gig with shitty lights)

This was a bit of a latey... I have photographed Damn Terran before and liked what I heard (plus they give good show) so I also liked what I photographed. When I saw a gig pop up on facebook I thought "yes, I'd like to go see that" and saving myself a cool $6, I got on the door to photograph for the AU Review.

It was Wednesday so that meant only 3/4 of a room, but Damn Terran put on a great show - check 'em out.

It was my 2nd time in a week that I have been shafted by the bad lighting at a venue... is it really that hard people? just a little bit? I know, you are probably sitting there saying, have a cup of harden the fuck up mate... well, I am sitting here saying, have a cup of GET SOME FUCKING LIGHTS.

Anyway, Iowa were up next and well, due to the lack of lights I got about 6 photos worth keeping, about 3 of those were worth posting. You can see those on the AU Review...

See the whole massive set here!

Damn Terran (c) Michael Christian 2012

Damn Terran (c) Michael Christian 2012

Damn Terran (c) Michael Christian 2012

Damn Terran (c) Michael Christian 2012

Damn Terran (c) Michael Christian 2012

And as usual, don't just take my word for it, watch some proof!

Monday, February 20, 2012

single light

It's Sunday night and while most of you are contemplating sitting in the car parked in the garage with the engine running as Monday fast approaches, I am getting a double short black at Starbucks and wondering if all these people in town at 8pm have jobs.

Single Twin is Marcus Teague,  his album which you can listen to below is a lovely piece of work - have a listen, it's nice!

I got there early because last time I shot Georgia Fair here it was sold out and I came away with about 300 photos from one position, this one on the other hand was anti-sold out. I think there were probably about 30 or 40 people there (including 4 photographers!) another thing that didn't show up was the light, which is great for mood. And not much else.

Support was from Chips Laffer, who for some reason is almost impossible to find anything online.. (he had lights though)

Shot for the AU Review, view whole set here.

See the set on flickr

Chips Laffer (c) Michael Christian 2012

Single Twin (c) Michael Christian 2012

Single Twin (c) Michael Christian 2012

now have a listen to this:

Ladies, check this out:

Friday, February 3, 2012

yummy yummy Yuck

So I have this new favourite band, Yuck. I found them a few months ago and was pleasantly surprised that they were touring soon (instead of finding a band that toured last month). I kinda hesitate comparing bands to bands but it reminds me of Pavement with their sloppy summer sound.

I put in a request to shoot but was told that we were only allowed one spot for a sideshow (they toured with the Laneway Fest) and Sydney had already been approved, so I was to go as a paying punter. Which is strange. I even got myself a t-shirt.

I got there and the air was thick with hipster, so much it was hard to breathe, luckily between sets everyone went outside for some fresh air and I got up the front. Yuck came on, played an awesome set to what I saw was a room full of people just fucking standing there. I am pretty sure when I was little we used to dance. Maybe non-appreciation is the new black?

And I shot some on my phone. FTW!

Yuck (c) Michael Christian 2012

Yuck (c) Michael Christian 2012

some video proof that these guys rule..

Do you like 'em? are you glad I showed you all this?