Monday, February 20, 2012

single light

It's Sunday night and while most of you are contemplating sitting in the car parked in the garage with the engine running as Monday fast approaches, I am getting a double short black at Starbucks and wondering if all these people in town at 8pm have jobs.

Single Twin is Marcus Teague,  his album which you can listen to below is a lovely piece of work - have a listen, it's nice!

I got there early because last time I shot Georgia Fair here it was sold out and I came away with about 300 photos from one position, this one on the other hand was anti-sold out. I think there were probably about 30 or 40 people there (including 4 photographers!) another thing that didn't show up was the light, which is great for mood. And not much else.

Support was from Chips Laffer, who for some reason is almost impossible to find anything online.. (he had lights though)

Shot for the AU Review, view whole set here.

See the set on flickr

Chips Laffer (c) Michael Christian 2012

Single Twin (c) Michael Christian 2012

Single Twin (c) Michael Christian 2012

now have a listen to this:

Ladies, check this out:

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