Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jen Cloher and the Endless Sea

I was sent into battle again by the Dwarf this weekend....

Actually it was more like a warm bath and a book than full on stabby stabby shooty shooty type battle. It was an interesting evening - the two support bands were each solo performers: Teeth and Tongue followed by Ned Collette - both were OK but I was left thinking that a band behind them would give just a little more balls.

Jen Cloher & The Endless Sea was fantastic, that's all I'm gona say about that...

now to the bizness...

Jen Cloher and the Endless Sea © Michael Christian

Ned Collette © Michael Christian
Teeth & Tongue © Michael Christian

Sunday, September 6, 2009

expectations and what not to expect... or expect the unexpected... or.. um.

I was sent by the Dwarf to Northcote Social Club on Saturday to take pics of First Time Hookers w/ A Friend Of Mine and Newborn . I had a look at First Time Hookers and based on their (awesome) artwork I quickly put them in the box of any other punk-type outfit.
Anyway - it wasn't what I expected - infact they were great - even better because they were fun to take photos of.