Monday, June 13, 2011

to [ME] or not to [ME]

Tonight is different... I have photographed [ME] before, so that wasn't different. It was on a Sunday night, which is a little different. I have just started photographing for another online mag called the AU Review and this was my first gig for them!

I have seen [ME] at the Espy, twice at The Workers Club and again (not photographing) at The Northcote Social Club. This was their last gig in Melbourne before heading off to the UK to record their album, they were also shooting a music video. We got there in time to hear the 2nd support - wasn't quite into these guys and can't remember the name - all I have to say is that people who cover over logos on guitars or amps (or cameras for that matter) annoy [ME] .... HA!

um. well, [ME] were great as usual, I am old so am naturally scared of change but the new stuff was great to hear.. not really much else to say - we tried really hard to give away 2 extra tickets we had to no avail.. so.. what the fuck people!?

see the whole set here

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I was off to the Espy in St Kilda this Friday night to photograph Melbourne band, Owl Eyes. I remember seeing a photo of singer Brooke Addamo and thinking if the music was bad at least the photos would come out OK. I haven't been to the Espy for a while - last time I was there it was to photograph a band called [ME] and what I remembered about that gig, apart from the good music, was it started at 12.15am on a Thursday night and I had to get a taxi home! Luckily Owl Eyes started at... 12 fucking 45!? shivery me timbers... that's late. I met up with a friend and had a great $5 pizza to pass the time.
There were a few support bands but we only caught the one just before Owl Eyes, San Fran Disco. These guys were great, nice catchy songs... drummer form the Foo Fighters etc. Worth a listen, no excuse as I gave you a link to their facespace page.
Owl Eyes were also good, but to tell you the truth, I was over it. They came on at 1 and played the nice dreamy pop that you like to hear at 8pm (or 9pm of you are gettin ON IT) so my judgement was clouded.

see 'em all here

I have 000's of emails asking where "Cum Face of the Gig" has gone and when it will be back, so being the people pleaser that I am, drum roll please.