Saturday, June 11, 2011


I was off to the Espy in St Kilda this Friday night to photograph Melbourne band, Owl Eyes. I remember seeing a photo of singer Brooke Addamo and thinking if the music was bad at least the photos would come out OK. I haven't been to the Espy for a while - last time I was there it was to photograph a band called [ME] and what I remembered about that gig, apart from the good music, was it started at 12.15am on a Thursday night and I had to get a taxi home! Luckily Owl Eyes started at... 12 fucking 45!? shivery me timbers... that's late. I met up with a friend and had a great $5 pizza to pass the time.
There were a few support bands but we only caught the one just before Owl Eyes, San Fran Disco. These guys were great, nice catchy songs... drummer form the Foo Fighters etc. Worth a listen, no excuse as I gave you a link to their facespace page.
Owl Eyes were also good, but to tell you the truth, I was over it. They came on at 1 and played the nice dreamy pop that you like to hear at 8pm (or 9pm of you are gettin ON IT) so my judgement was clouded.

see 'em all here

I have 000's of emails asking where "Cum Face of the Gig" has gone and when it will be back, so being the people pleaser that I am, drum roll please.

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