Thursday, March 18, 2010

ME, Myself and I

So I'm going to start this blog entry with a simple question.

Why the fuck.... on a week night... would you have the main act... start at 12.30am.

The audience was deaf and tired by he time ME came on (or maybe that was just me, not them as in ME but me me, as in me, not ME) they (ME) shoulda been on at 10.30 (then it wouldn't cost me a $25 taxi ride home for payment of going and shooting a gig for free) anyway, i still have all my arms and legs so I'll move on.

I was shooting ME, with support from Redcoats, Porcelain and a band from Brisbane (sorry guys, I have searched the other myspace pages and can't find your name) ME and Redcoats were great, two very different acts but both kinda made the late night (did I mention that the main act came on at 12.30am?) worth it..

ME were a mix of the Beatles, Queen and Split Enz (Not that I have really heard that much Queen) while Redcoats were a mix of a stoner rock / metal band I have never heard of and another band i have never heard. Porcelain were cool, a great bunch of musos but the highlight of the band was an excellent singer.


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