Sunday, March 28, 2010

Morning Glory, People on Boats and ME

I get home from work. It's Friday. I've eaten. Judge Judy is on. I am fighting the urge to just email the guys at the Dwarf and tell 'em my camera broke and I can't shoot gigs this weekend.

So I'm on the tram now, heading towards
The Workers Club in the city. I don't take the publick transport much so it's a novelty (that wears off in about 5 minutes unless there are a couple of junkies fighting or similar).

The Workers Club is pretty cool - a smallish room out the back that looks half completed, but I think it's finished - it's located very close to where I used to live in Carlton but I never checked it out when I was living there.

The bands I'm there to photograph are The Hello Morning, ME and The Boat People (it's their single launch of "Soporific").

The Hello Morning were cool - kinda Wilco-ey.. it was the 2nd time I had seen ME in a week - they had a violinist this time and were on form - I think I actually like this band.. The Boat People were ok.. yep..
ok.. I'm not a reviewer so I don't really have an opinion worth opinionating but ME seemed like the strongest band tonight.

I'm kinda over shooting gigs at the moment - I think 4 in two weekends was abit too much, it's always a drag getting to gigs, but once you are there it's all good (usually)

dot dot dot

And now for the cum face of the gig award, this week the key
s player from the Boat People takes the award with his Saturday-morning-lying-in-bed-thanks-for-that-that-really-hit-the-spot look.

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