Tuesday, May 31, 2011


For those of you who have just joined us - over the last 8 or so months I have had the opportunity of photographing a Melbourne band called Wagons, not only live, but in the studio recording their 5th album and also providing the photography for this album. The band started a nation-wide tour on May 27 in Tasmania - I went along with them partly because I wanted to see Tasmania and have a long weekend, and partly to photograph the start of the tour which finishes in Melbourne at the Forum on July 16.

There was some pre-flight entertainment before I boarded to Launceston in the form of someone being denied boarding their plane as they were too late - anyone who knows Jetstar know that even if you think about being late, they will take your bags off the plane, set fire to them and say bad things about you on facebook*

First impressions of Tasmania? 'gee... it's. um. white?' I am from the South Island of New Zealand and that's also pretty white - this is neither a good thing or a bad thing, it's just an observation. And it was cold - real cold. The kind of cold that burnt your nose if you breathed in too hard. I managed to have a quick walk around while the band was resting - it's all very old and the buildings remind me of home. And they have Monkeys. Yep. Monkeys. With Herpes B. Which is pretty exciting if you ask me. I was shoo'd away by the groundskeeper so had to return in the morning to watch them pick ticks off each other's bum. The gig went well - it was a good warm-up for the tour and cool to hear a bunch of new songs. Quote of the night came from some lady who, when Henry said they were about to embark on a massive 20 date tour around Australia, yelled out "what about B.B. King?". Excellent.

The drive from 'Lonny' to Hobart is pretty straightforward - two and a half hours of smooth riding. People say Tasmania is a lot like New Zealand, not what I saw, it was more like Australia landscape with New Zealand temperatures - but I think off the beaten track is quite beautiful and New Zealandish. I will be going back very soon as there are a few other ways to go that take a lot longer and look a lot better.

Arrived in Hobart and after sound check we high-tailed it to MONA (see below post). Had some awesome dinner at the venue (I had lamb arms) and watched a great gig.

* statement is not true.


See the whole set here

hey MONA

When I say MONA, how many of you think of this:

That was the Mona of the 80's.

There is no place for that in 2011.

The Mona of 2011 is all capitals: MONA. And is an art gallery on a small island (Hobart, Tasmania) just off a large island (Australia, New Zealand) at the bottom of the planet. Currently free to everyone but will soon be charging an AU$20 (that's about $5,000 USD) entry fee for non-Tasmanians.

It's an interesting place alright - it is the private collection of David Walsh so there should be no boo hoo'ing if the art doesn't appeal - it's like inviting someone in to look at your record collection.

It ranges from the very (very) old:

(I found it hard to get any info on these two online - if anyone can shed some light, that would be great)

To the new and freaky:

"on the road to heaven the highway to hell "
Stephen J Shanabrook 2008

Chocolate cast of a suicide bomber

If anyone has info, on this - please let me know.

Is it worth a look? yes! would I pay $20 to see it? yes - although part of the whole awesome experience is the free-ness of it all, but if you are on holiday you are probably in the spending mood anyway, so it wouldn't really matter.

See the whole set from Tasmania (including monkeys!) here

Friday, May 13, 2011


Winter hit Melbourne over the last week like a Chris Brown to the face, which made motivation for leaving the warm house on Thursday night verrrrry low. But I went, cos I'm awesome.

Speaking of awesome - Datarock put on a fucking great show, I am not a fan of dance music but I was shown how it should be done. Live band playing dance music. Excellent. Take note all you deck dicks. These guys rocked the house and they didn't need to have a pair of headphones on, with head cocked to the side, left headphone off the ear.

This was another example of how it really comes down to the performers how the photos turn out.

See em all here.

Datarock (c) Michael Christian 2011
Datarock (c) Michael Christian 2011
Datarock (c) Michael Christian 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011

more Red Bennies....

I was asked to be a last minute fill-in photographer at Red Bennies in the weekend - taking performance and social shots. Never really taken social shots but was keen to give it a go.
There were three performers on the night, the event page for Red Bennies had changed before I could get their info so we'll call them: hoola girl, sheet man and dancing threesome. All of which were excellent, see pics below!

see 'em all here

oh yea, and a video!