Tuesday, May 31, 2011

hey MONA

When I say MONA, how many of you think of this:

That was the Mona of the 80's.

There is no place for that in 2011.

The Mona of 2011 is all capitals: MONA. And is an art gallery on a small island (Hobart, Tasmania) just off a large island (Australia, New Zealand) at the bottom of the planet. Currently free to everyone but will soon be charging an AU$20 (that's about $5,000 USD) entry fee for non-Tasmanians.

It's an interesting place alright - it is the private collection of David Walsh so there should be no boo hoo'ing if the art doesn't appeal - it's like inviting someone in to look at your record collection.

It ranges from the very (very) old:

(I found it hard to get any info on these two online - if anyone can shed some light, that would be great)

To the new and freaky:

"on the road to heaven the highway to hell "
Stephen J Shanabrook 2008

Chocolate cast of a suicide bomber

If anyone has info, on this - please let me know.

Is it worth a look? yes! would I pay $20 to see it? yes - although part of the whole awesome experience is the free-ness of it all, but if you are on holiday you are probably in the spending mood anyway, so it wouldn't really matter.

See the whole set from Tasmania (including monkeys!) here

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