Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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Blah blah fuckin blah, do de do tram, blah blah Saturday Parades la la la support by Seabellies, nun-nu nun-nu John Curtin Hotel in velit. Shoop shoop diddy wa comea comea wang bang, i would do anything for love (but I won't lick that) da da da haircut. Camping.


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Why is it always the bass player?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Morning Glory, People on Boats and ME

I get home from work. It's Friday. I've eaten. Judge Judy is on. I am fighting the urge to just email the guys at the Dwarf and tell 'em my camera broke and I can't shoot gigs this weekend.

So I'm on the tram now, heading towards
The Workers Club in the city. I don't take the publick transport much so it's a novelty (that wears off in about 5 minutes unless there are a couple of junkies fighting or similar).

The Workers Club is pretty cool - a smallish room out the back that looks half completed, but I think it's finished - it's located very close to where I used to live in Carlton but I never checked it out when I was living there.

The bands I'm there to photograph are The Hello Morning, ME and The Boat People (it's their single launch of "Soporific").

The Hello Morning were cool - kinda Wilco-ey.. it was the 2nd time I had seen ME in a week - they had a violinist this time and were on form - I think I actually like this band.. The Boat People were ok.. yep..
ok.. I'm not a reviewer so I don't really have an opinion worth opinionating but ME seemed like the strongest band tonight.

I'm kinda over shooting gigs at the moment - I think 4 in two weekends was abit too much, it's always a drag getting to gigs, but once you are there it's all good (usually)

dot dot dot

And now for the cum face of the gig award, this week the key
s player from the Boat People takes the award with his Saturday-morning-lying-in-bed-thanks-for-that-that-really-hit-the-spot look.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I have never been surrounded by so many hipster kids in a long while, I felt like I was the oldest person in the crowd by about 15 years (I just said to myself: "it must be an all ages gig Mike... yea.. that's it) maybe I just felt old because I was at the Espy last night till 1am (did I mention that ME didn't come on till 12.30am at all?)

I had already put Yves Klein Blue in a box before I even heard them - I saw a photo and knew they were supporting Franz Ferdinand so I automatically though "Franz Ferdinand rip-off" I was excellently wrong and was treated to a great show - I had been told the album has had bad reviews but I didn't mind the music and it's hard to tell what the songs are really like when you are trying to get photos. Cloud Control were pretty good too, as was Last Dinosaurs but they lacked stage presence so.. NO PHOTO FOR YOU!

now to the bizness...

I am pleased to announce a BRAND NEW SECTION to my blog!

It's well documented that musicians pull faces and / or make noises while they are playing.
I used to know a drummer who would make a growling noise whenever he did a drum roll, it was so bad that I people had problems taking it out of recordings and on one occasion he scared the guitarist he was playing with - I make noises when I play - I'm not sure about my cum face.. but each gig I'll try and find the best cum face and add it to the pics - if not just so we can have a laugh (and I can generate more hits from males ages 17 - 50) todays award goes to the bass player from Yves Klein Blue - it looks like it's been a long time between face...

but I bet it hasn't..

Thursday, March 18, 2010

ME, Myself and I

So I'm going to start this blog entry with a simple question.

Why the fuck.... on a week night... would you have the main act... start at 12.30am.

The audience was deaf and tired by he time ME came on (or maybe that was just me, not them as in ME but me me, as in me, not ME) they (ME) shoulda been on at 10.30 (then it wouldn't cost me a $25 taxi ride home for payment of going and shooting a gig for free) anyway, i still have all my arms and legs so I'll move on.

I was shooting ME, with support from Redcoats, Porcelain and a band from Brisbane (sorry guys, I have searched the other myspace pages and can't find your name) ME and Redcoats were great, two very different acts but both kinda made the late night (did I mention that the main act came on at 12.30am?) worth it..

ME were a mix of the Beatles, Queen and Split Enz (Not that I have really heard that much Queen) while Redcoats were a mix of a stoner rock / metal band I have never heard of and another band i have never heard. Porcelain were cool, a great bunch of musos but the highlight of the band was an excellent singer.


Sunday, March 14, 2010


Where have I been?!

I've been here...



I had a shit time photographing a gig last month (Mama Kin) the band was awesome but the light was shit - I pulled a very few half decent shots out - sent them to the Dwarf, I don't even think they published them, I didn't blog them or add them to Flickr, so I guess they just don't exist - which is fine by me!

I have been busy.. I saw thre
e very good bands in the last 2 weeks: Faith No More, Calexico and the Black Seeds.

Faith No More.. If you don't know who they are you can kindly leave..

Calexico: Awesome, just awesome, one of my favorite bands. Alt-country with a twist of everything else - you really need to check them out if you don't know them.

One of my all-time favourite bands from New Zealand is a band called
The Black Seeds.
I first saw them one New Years Eve when I was in Christchurch to see another NZ dub band called
Salmonella Dub. What's this? I thought.. a bunch of (mostly) white boys from Wellington making kick-ass reggae / dub??!! sweet as bro! I have seen them in NZ, Sydney and Melbourne - it's always great to catch a show. Clever little bastards. I got my photo pass through a friend this time, and because they are Kiwis making awesome music, the Aussies get annoyed and didn't seem to want to cover the gig - so I had the photo pit to myself!

I have alot of shows to pho
tograph in the next month: ME, Yves Klein Blue, The Boat People, Seabellies and Otouto. The band I play in, Audiac is getting everything ready for the release of El Toroloco - our 2nd album.. so it's busy busy busy

onwards and upwards