Friday, February 3, 2012

yummy yummy Yuck

So I have this new favourite band, Yuck. I found them a few months ago and was pleasantly surprised that they were touring soon (instead of finding a band that toured last month). I kinda hesitate comparing bands to bands but it reminds me of Pavement with their sloppy summer sound.

I put in a request to shoot but was told that we were only allowed one spot for a sideshow (they toured with the Laneway Fest) and Sydney had already been approved, so I was to go as a paying punter. Which is strange. I even got myself a t-shirt.

I got there and the air was thick with hipster, so much it was hard to breathe, luckily between sets everyone went outside for some fresh air and I got up the front. Yuck came on, played an awesome set to what I saw was a room full of people just fucking standing there. I am pretty sure when I was little we used to dance. Maybe non-appreciation is the new black?

And I shot some on my phone. FTW!

Yuck (c) Michael Christian 2012

Yuck (c) Michael Christian 2012

some video proof that these guys rule..

Do you like 'em? are you glad I showed you all this?

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