Tuesday, July 5, 2011

cupcakes flickr and facebook

It's a funny story how I met Ben Smith.

I saw a photo a contact on flickr took of a sticker Ben made advertising his website and got in contact. He asked if I'd like to take some pics for him at some stage (of course I wanted to).

That was 12 months and 1 day ago!  Good things take time according to the old men on the cheese adverts.

So anyway, Ben finally said he had someone local who was keen on a shoot and would I like to do it.  Having only done one other shoot with like this, I was worried about it (IT being fucking IT up) but this is something I am keen on doing more of, so what the hell, I'm in!
We had a get together as no one had actually met eachother, we all got on well and now we just needed to find a kitchen that was old and awesome.

Enter facebook. Facebook is a new interactive game where you get to stalk people you went to school with and make sure that their life isn't all that great, even though they thought they were awesome when they were 16. And probably thought you were a bit strange. But look at me now.

I kinda sort of but not really knew Rebecca Houlden from meeting her when we were both shooting a gig, we were facebook friends and she replied when I put the word out. She has a kitchen. It's old. It's got an old oven. It's also got pink cupboards!

Everything came together nice and easy - the shoot was cool, we were in and out in a couple of hours.

See 'em all here



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