Sunday, November 14, 2010

Field Day

I almost didn't get to this gig - I had not received confirmation from the promoter (via the Dwarf) come Friday night, so I could have easily left this one and spent a night on the couch.. but I had not received any emails saying I couldn't go either! So I have the Thornbury Theatre a call about 8pm and the friendly guy said I could come along.

I arrived a little late which was the plan, figuring that all the support acts would be singer / guitarists with no bands - which isn't a bad thing, but I was already tired (and Red Bulls were $6). I did see Angie Heart, who I found out during the set used to be in the band Frente! who had a hit back in the day (90's) with a song called Accidently Kelly Street.. what a blast from the past - she still has the voice too..

Georgia Fields' Mini Indie Orchestra came onto the stage while Georgia waited backstage I took the opportunity of getting a couple of really nice shots of her - I think the best of the night! The music was sublime - alot of these bands that I listen to on Myspace sound so much better live - Myspace really does not do some bands justice.

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  1. Holy moly . . .the doorway shot is killer !
    What a beauty . . .