Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Grinderman - Review!

I have been pretty excited about seeing these guys again. I saw them in Sydney in 2006 and remembered it was a great show. I was granted the opportunity to scramble around on the day of the show and try and find someone who wanted to go to the show after a friend pulled out - fellow New Zealander, Matthew filled the shoes at the 11th hour and we were off!

We arrived stupidly early and got to see Conway Savage who has been on a few Bad Seeds releases since 1990. It was mellow... real mellow. So mellow that I think it was intentional.

Grinderman came on and here started the onslaught of noise and awesomeness... Warren Ellis is the master of distorted mayhem and maraca madness - such a sight to behold. Nick Cave is (still) the king of cool at 53. The bass player and drummer were just laying down nice solid rhythm for Nick and Warren to scribble over with their demented crayons. So good!

I couldn't take my big ol' gig shooting camera in to the show so I thought I'd take a film point and shoot camera instead! see below!

All the pics here

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