Friday, October 7, 2011

Kate Vigo + Georgia Fields = Good

It's been a monster week for this old bastard - band practice on Tuesday, Kasabian gig on Wednesday, Kate Vigo and Georgia Fields on Thursday and another photo gig tonight for the AU Review! 

I have photographed Georgia a couple of times, one had awesome results and the other produced pictures that you will never ever see (sounds kinda porny, but I assure, I had just totally lost my phojo that night - I blamed the lights) and the last couple of times I have photographed her, she has had really shit days running up to the gig. So I made her promise that I would only come along if she was going to have a good day. Promises made, I was going to the gig. 

Georgia came on to a fairly empty room, which impressed me because I thought it was only my band that plays to empty pubs in Melbourne. It filled up a bit during her set but 4,077,015 people in Melbourne missed out on some great tunes - shame on you, and you, and you, and you and you...

Kate and her band were releasing their single 'Wana Run' which included a video before the show. A great set too - a great night put on by a couple of girls that a lot of people missed out on, a shame really.


Kate Vigo (c) Michael Christian 2011

Kate Vigo (c) Michael Christian 2011

Georgia Fields (c) Michael Christian 2011
Georgia Fields (c) Michael Christian 2011

And because I didn't give that man any money who cleaned my car window on the way to the gig (I didn't have any coins, honestly!) I have included a couple of videos from the ladies above!


That's just the kind of mother fucker I am...

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  1. sequin dress and a ukulele - so hot !
    the first shot of Kate is gorgeous . . .