Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Unsensored 11

I'd say that about 98% of my photos are taken on a digital camera... between Jess and myself we own about 35 cameras... 6 of them are digital and we only really use one of those for most jobs (the great 5DMkII). I photograph a lot of bands and Jess photographs a lot of people and children's birthday parties so although we get to put our own spin on these, it's not like shooting film the way we do. Which is usually just for ourselves, mostly on holiday...

So we decided to go in this exhibition run by the Melbourne Silver Mine which is a camera 'club' of sorts dedicated to the art of photography taken using the traditional photographic techniques and equipment. I thought it would be a bad idea to pressure myself into taking something awesome on film in the month or so before the images had to be finalised so I had a look back through all my film stuff (see my favourites here) and picked a couple from that (Jess got 7 rolls of film developed dating back about 7 years!).

I will be exhibiting beside some great friends/photographers from the greater Melbourne area (this includes Sydney), I listed some below:

The Caravan (c) Michael Christian

The S Bend (c) Michael Christian

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  1. most awesome - look forward to meeting the lazy wanker, finally!