Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Seeker Lover Keeper

Sarah Blasko, Sally Seltmann and Holly Throsby, all successful artists in their own right have combined to form Seeker Lover Keeper. They released an album in June 2011 which interestingly debuted higher than any of their own albums (#3). Currently on a tour throughout Australia called Heavenly Hands - A Tour of Churches and Cathedrals I had the opportunity to photograph them at St Michael's Church in Melbourne.

Te night started with Henry Wagons (had to be in there somewhere!) performing solo - quite different from the rip-roaring set I saw on Saturday, and no F bombs, despite me putting up $5 if he did. It's always interesting to see Henry perform as a support act, see him winning over the crowd - quote of the night was early on "Harry Wagons is great, you will love him".

Seeker Lover Keeper came on only about 15 minutes after Henry finished, which was fucking great, well done! There are only a few dates left on the tour so all three are comfortable with eachother, and they are all quite funny - I suspect by the end of the tour they will be out of church jokes.

It was interesting shooting this one - it was such a special venue that the performers were not the most important thing to capture!

See the whole lot here!

Follow me, Twitches.

Henry Wagons (c) 2011 Michael Christian

Seeker Lover Keeper (c) 2011 Michael Christian

Seeker Lover Keeper (c) 2011 Michael Christian

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