Sunday, November 6, 2011

3 Men and a

I wasn't going to go to this... it was a shitty week at work so I had intended to sit at home and watch movies on Friday night - but as it turned out, I'd be helping someone out if I did. So I did!

I was off to the Meeniyan Town Hall to photograph Henry Wagons (solo), Jordie Lane and special guest from America - Joe Pug. I was lucky enough to drive the 2 and something hour trip in not just 5 o'clock traffic, but 5 o'clock traffic ON A FRIDAY. People are a little nuts on a Friday, their mind is already in the pub and driving or looking at the road isn't their top priority... or maybe it was just me? Only got tooted at a couple of times and I'd like to think that's because I was hot, not because I was taking ages to merge into that right lane....
Anyway, the drive there is great. You get away from the classic aussie gum-tree-laden country-side that we usually see as gumtrees are replaced by pine trees.. it looks very, New Zealand! YAY.
I got there just in time to scoff down some of the awesome food the hosts were putting on for the musicians (and now photographer) before the show started.

All three played great sets, the audience were really nice, hardly a hipster in sight - seemed they were actually there for the music, not the fashion. I was allowed in the projector booth at the back which was great..

And then drove home.

See 'em all here!


Henry Wagons (c) Michael Christian 2011
Henry Wagons, Jordie Lane and Joe Pug (c) Michael Christian 2011
Jordie Lane (c) Michael Christian 2011
Joe Pug (c) Michael Christian 2011

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