Saturday, November 19, 2011

Flying Nun 30th Anniversary

So I worked in a record store when I was little. It was a small indie store, in a small town that eventually got destroyed by The Warehouse (New Zealand's version of K Mart I guess). This town was pretty much in the middle of Christchurch and Dunedin which were the two places that Flying Nun was born and got a foothold.
Flying Nun was originally started to record the local music of Christchurch but became best known for championing the "Dunedin Sound" (out-of-tune guitars and badly recorded songs is all I thought it was) but listening to these covers on Friday made me think... yea, it sounded a bit shit, but the essence was there, it was the energy. Flying Nun was sold to Festival Mushroom Records (Warners) in 2006 and in 2009 was brought back by original owner and also Neil Finn and his wife and another business partner.

I got there about 8.30, the website said doors at 8 but little did I know that 8 was code for 7 and I had already missed one band.

The night was set up really well - each band played a 20 minute set that had to include two originals and three covers from Flying Nun bands with a 10 minute change-over. The only band I had heard before was Teeth and Tongue who I really like, so much so that I added a song of theirs at the bottom of this post... and also a cover from a Flying Nun band (The 3D's) that he band I play in covered on our last album (saw a window - went for it). All the other bands/performers were really good, it was nice to see some musicians who were over 23 for once - it gives me hope!

Bands that appeared:
Betty Airs, Sand Pebbles, Sarah Mary Chadwick, Darren Hanlon, Absolute Boys, Love of Diagrams and David Saunders (The 3D's)

See all the pics here

Betty Airs (c) Michael Christian

Sarah Mary Chadwick (c) Michael Christian

Teeth and Tongue (c) Michael Christian

David Saunders (c) Michael Christian

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