Saturday, March 26, 2011

Good Golly Miss Holly

Holly Throsby was my next performer to photograph for the Dwarf... I had had a quick listen on HerSpace when I applied for the gig, sounded alright - that cutsey aussie stuff that when done well is great to encounter. I thought at least if the music doesn't appeal to me, she is good to look at!

I didn't want to get there too early as I had seen one of the other acts before, and although I didn't NOT like them, I didn't get into them. Otouto: apart from not being able to say their name, I also can't really describe the music, which is a really good thing. I was happy to get there for the whole set and this time it was nice, although I still think that if I wasn't there to photograph and was just sitting down checking it out, I would have enjoyed it a lot more. They are one of the few different bands I have come across while photographing in Melbourne.

Holly Throsby and the Hello Tigers were a good band, really great musicians - there really is a clear distinction between Sydney girl band girls and Melbourne girl band girls though, very interesting.

Anyway, you probably skipped to here.. on with the pics!

See 'em all here

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