Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another band that has decided to get back together recently is Stone Temple Pilots. I have seen Rage Against The Machine and Faith No More do the reunion rounds it great to catch them again and they both put on really great shows. Stone Temple Pilots wouldn't be at the top of my list of reunion bands to see but what the fuck, they were touring so I went along..

I tried so hard to miss Grinspoon, I went and had a coffee, I also had a V, I topped up my mobile phone, I even stood outside and looked at facebook on my phone.. but I saw them. I wasn't sure if I should cut my ears off or eject my eyes with spoons - it's never good to judge a band when they are supporting, but I will: It was. Bland.

I was a pretty big fan of STP in the day, it was around the time I was out flatting, going to polytech and learning how to play bass - you know, finding myself (dole) I got a small dose of then via a Velvet Revolver (which was actually pretty fuckin' good) show in Christchurch in like, um, 2003 or something? But never a dose of STP (this was also the first time they toured Aussie and NZ) It was a good show, some low points, namely the new songs and also two covers: Dancing Days from the Led Zep tribute and a horrible Doors cover of 5 to 1, but for some reason it made me want to listen to the Doors.. there were moments of brilliance that made me happy to be there, one thing they do which I like is play the songs at the same speed as the tape or even slower - they are a heavy band, but really really groovy - and that would be lost if they played at concert speed, setlist below:

Wicked Garden
Heaven and Hot Rods
Between the Lines
Hickory Dichotomy
Still Remains
Big Empty
Dancing Days (Led Zeppelin cover)
Silvergun Superman
Interstate Love Song
Huckleberry Crumble
Five To One (Doors cover)
Sex Type Thing

Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart

On a side note, I never got the chance to photograph them, but look at their demands to photographers were AWESOME. Which always confuses me when I see 500 people in the crowd taking photos and videos...

Just like I did!

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