Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jam Out With Your Clam Out

I was at a kiwi friends' house a few weeks ago, after going out for a traditional kiwi meal (chinese dumplings) and she had the Black Seeds playing, I was surprised to find out that she had not seen them play for a long time since they seem to tour Aussie quite abit... fastforward two weeks later and I am having dinner in Wellington with a friend and her sister and her boyfriend, who is the Black Seeds manager and what do you know - they are playing a gig in Melbourne in a few weeks.

So off we trot to the Ferntree Gully Hotel, which for all you Zone 1 people is like driving to Mars - both in distance and being a different place. The gig was good, the lights were BAD so I was struggling a bit with the shots. Great night though, interesting place! kinda like New Zealand... smelly bear-soaked carpet in the pub, some old sound dude still smoking inside, slutty girls and stoned boys with dreadlocks. In traditional style, we had a good lash at the food they were served after the show and then made our way back to the warm safety of Zone 1.

See whole flickr set here

who is missing the cum face of the gig?

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