Saturday, April 2, 2011

La Lucha!

For a taste of something different, I thought I'd have a crack at photographing some Mexican-style burlesque wrestling... I came across this particular event from following a friend of a friends comment on the facebook - it had all the elements of something fun to photograph: girls, tattooed girls, tattooed girls wearing costumes and to top it off, tattooed girls wearing costumes wrestling.

I had wanted to photograph burlesque for a little while and although this wasn't really burlesque it was a start... it was loads of fun too, the venue Red Bennies is a great place to check out, it looks like they have a lot of this type of thing so I'll be going back. They were very nice in giving me a comp pass too especially when they didn't know me - and also putting my girlfriend on the discount list.


see the whole set here

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