Sunday, April 10, 2011

farty teenager and a rainy tram

I had not photographed at the East Brunswick Club since I shot Band of Skulls here last year, that was a great gig... would this be one too?

I got there stupidly early as usual, but that gave me enough time to walk back towards the city about 4 tram stops to find somewhere that would serve my coffee before the gig. I fucked around some more and still got in early, but I had a spot up the front so all was not lost.

Gold Fields were on first, and, I am going out on a limb here, but they were possibly the better act of the night (but each to their own, ya know? Holidays were the ones who sold the venue out) they were slinky, a little bit funky, a tad rocky - better than most the supports I have seen - check 'em out!

Between acts I was treated to smelly farts coming from the zitty 18yo beside me, not worth checking that out.

The Holidays came on, I was shooting, so was not really concentrating that much on the music only to think a few songs in that this is getting better as we go along on this Holiday of sorts. I decided to call it quits about 15mins early in favor of getting a ride home and not having to face the trams and trains at midnight in the rain... I stood back a bit on the way out and noticed that the sound was A LOT better as in they sounded really sweet.

Just as I noticed that Sydney girl band girls were different from Melbourne girl band girls, Sydney hipster bands are different from Melbourne hipster bands!


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