Saturday, October 9, 2010

blood on the dancefloor

OK, so things seem to be on the up and up - after a nice break from taking gig photos, I have my name down for a few (unconfirmed by the promoter) gigs: Final Flash, Georgia Fields, The Chemist, Kaki King and Girls over the next few months - so I should be blogging abit more!

Speaking of Audiac - the band I play in had the pleasure of taking part in 80 Gigs in 80 Days which has been put together by I Heart Cusack - who are playing 80 gigs in 80 days (in various forms of the band) we got to see just the singer and keyboard player on this particular night but it was still pretty cool, if you get a chance to see the full band I think it would be well worth it.

My girlfriend, Jess, took pics of us and I took the pics of the guys from I Heart Cusack...

Cum face of the gig comes from the third band of the night, what's that? I didn't mention the third band? yes I did... didn't I?

And the award for most blood shed on a bass guitar on the night goes to.......


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