Wednesday, November 4, 2009

the pick pop processing party blog

Just kidding... what a stupid name.

About 5 months ago I went out and brought a bunch of stuff so I could start developing my own B/W film from my Holga camera. Being fairly lazy, it sat in the cupboard till this morning when I thought I'd give it a go...

It hasn't turned out perfectly, but I was pretty happy with it considering it was my first attempt - I also wanted to see how slack I could be, learn from my mistakes etc etc

I had:

  • My developer (Kodak T-Max Developer)
  • My fixer (Ilford Rapid Fixer)
  • My film (Kodak Tri-X400) in it's developing (Paterson) tank
    (don't get me started on putting the film onto the rolls, just google it), it's like trying to find the hooks to a girls bra as the father is walking the stairs with his shotgun.
  • My measuring things and a thermometer.

I used this site to determin developing time and dilution specs.

I figured out from that site that I had to:

  • Develop my film for a total of 10mins and 30 secs
    @ 20 degrees C
  • Agitate for 30 seconds as soon as you put the developer in, then once every minute for 10 seconds (on the developer bottle it said once every 30 seconds for 5 seconds - I am guessing there is a difference, but I went with the website).
  • Dilution according to the website was 1+9 and on the developer bottle it was 1+4
    (again, and only for consistency, I went with the website)
    My developing tank is 500ml so I needed 450ml water to 50ml developer.

After the time was up, I emptied the developer and got my fixer out - dilution specs for this was 1+3 so i needed 125ml of fixer to 375ml of water (@ 20 degrees C) I have since learnt it should have been in there for up to 5mins... after I emptied the tank I needed to wash the fixer off, and this is how I did it.

  • Filled up the developing tank with water (again at 20 degrees C) and emptied the tank
  • Filled it up again and agitated 5 times, empty the tank
  • Repeat again, but agitate 10 times
  • Again, but agitate 20 times

Oh yea... I was shooting 120 film using my Holga CN camera

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