Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I have been asked to contribute to a friends website about photography...
which is awesome apart from one thing: I secretly know diddly-squat about photography and until now I have been able to get by on a lot of smoke and mirrors and taking a shit-load of photos.

Honestly, as soon as someone mentions anything slightly technical about taking photos, my eyes glaze over and I sit there and try to perfect sleeping while still looking interested. I mean, yea, there is stuff that I have picked up along the way, and if you put me in a cage and poke me with a hot poker I may be able to tell you some of them - but most of what I do is on the fly. It took me two years to be able to remember that the small aperture number meant a more open lens hole thing.

Anyway, if I become famous, expect to be able to subscribe to my blog for 48 easy payments of $33.00 excl GST

Oh yea.. .the site! check it out - I'll be learning as I'm typing, that's fer shure!!!

click here, to be teleported to the site


  1. wow, maybe I'll have to write a post on how I knew you before you became famous! :-P

  2. holy c... i just emailed a flickr pal about exactly the same thing! aperture ? what? stuck on auto - yes !
    I know all about them smoke and mirrors ;->
    I like your work - saw you on flickr.
    You should post your blog address under some more of your shots.
    Flog that talent of yours!

  3. thanks Em :) you should check out that site - my mate is working hard trying to put up as much info as he can... Brian - you should contribute!