Tuesday, August 11, 2009

competitions and being in one

So I managed to get myself into this competition with Olympus to win their new Pen E-P1, it was great to be chosen but it's a badly run comp - i'll speak more after it finishes on the 20th.. The Pen is not a dSLR and it's not a point and shoot, I think that's why I am having problems figuring out if I actually like it or not. I may have to split it into two sections...

Compare it to a point and shoot: You can change lenses, and that's awesome - you can also get adaptors for it and put your other lenseses on it, which is also awesome.
It's got a nice weight about it for it's size and a huge screen (compared to my 20D)
However, there is no viewfinder and no flash, two strange decisions I think: No flash - kinda limits the potential purchasers to people who know that they are doing and either don't like using a flash, or have an external they can use, but this is what also confuses me - no viewfinder now cuts the people who possibly own a dSLR out - people who own dSLR's usually (making assumptions here) like looking through a viewfinder (however the price tag of AUD$1,799 for the twin lens kit pretty much puts the camera into the hands of 'proper' photographers. In my mind it just doesn't comapre to s SLR so I'm not even going to go there...
It can be slow, painfully searching for focus and finally taking the shot long after the moment has gone - slow to process the 'art' settings and slow to process the long exposures. I really didn't like this camera when I first got it and now I kinda don't mind it so it would be fair to say that if I had it for a few months and learnt more about it, I may change my mind on some points I make here - I only have it for a month, but I am also using this camera every day.
I think that some of my negative feelings do come from the way this competition has been run, which has so far been a shambles.

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