Monday, June 23, 2014

Band of Skulls - HiFi, Melbourne 17.06.14

I have seen Band of Skulls twice before tonight, the first time was when I photographed them waaaay back in May 2010, see the set here. And again in July 2012 but I wasn't photographing.

They have recently released their third album called Himalayan and this makes three fucking great albums in a row from them - which is unheard of in this day in age* I don't really want to compare them to Led Zeppelin because I recently had a listen to Led Zep I, II and III and I find them to (mostly) be a bunch of pretentious wankery. But, I think Band of Skulls is Led Zeppelin without the wank... maybe? (this is why I take photos and don't review) I can't believe that drummer Matt Hayward was overlooked when Led Zeppelin reformed and they instead went with Bonzos son, Jason, who basically shot his drum jizz all over the place with out any real finesse - and also, more importantly, Matt has a beard:


Band of Skulls comprises of Russell Marsden on Guitar and Vocals, Emma Richardson on Bass and Vocals and the previously mentioned Matt "I'm better than Jason Bonham" Hayward on Drums. They are from Southampton in the UK (despite what the gig board tells you at the HiFi in Melbourne) and have been around since when they formed as a band. 

I found the HiFi to be a bit 'boxy' for them - they have sounded better the last couple of times I saw them but having said that I did watch most the gig from the front/side. There were loads of 'togs (that's industry lingo for photographers, not bathers, swimmers or trunks) so I thought I'd take a punt and shoot the first song from this great vantage point for shooting with a zoom that the HiFi offers - I then made my way through the crowd to the photo pit for the rest of the 3 songs we are given...

FUN FACT 1: Emma Richardson is an artist: Check it out
FUN FACT 2: My son LOVES the band and will crack the shits (even in his sleep) if we turn it off in the car (it will also calm him down).

So we have learnt some important stuff today:
  • Band of Skulls are great, and if you like rock music, you should listen to them.
  • Jason Bonham has a lot of drum jizz, but with very little finesse and has made a career on his fathers name (who was a excellent drummer B.T.W.)
  • Matt Hayman should have drummed for Led Zeppelin on their 'comeback' shows.
  • I should just stick to photogracizing.

* I have no idea if this is true.

Photos! and videos!!!

(c) 2014 Band of Skulls - Michael James Christian
(c) 2014 Band of Skulls - Michael James Christian
(c) 2014 Band of Skulls - Michael James Christian 
(c) 2014 Band of Skulls - Michael James Christian
(c) 2014 Band of Skulls - Michael James Christian
(c) 2014 Band of Skulls - Michael James Christian

Now for some videos from their current album.

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