Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Beardarific Beardsexual Beardgasms

[If you can't read this post below, there is a strong possibility that you aren't a bearded person, or a beard lover, please follow this link to fix the problem]

Beards beard beard beards beard! Beards beard beard Hi Fi bar beard Melbourne beard Bearbvember. Beard beardy beard bearddiddty beard... BEARDS!

Beard beard beardometer beardtastic beards beard beard beardograph beards. Beard beards beardity beard beard, beards! Beards beard Sylvia bearded beard beardbabies beards... Beardtastic beards bearded beardface beardkiss OMB!

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Grow a beard.


(c) 2012 Michael James Christian
(c) 2012 Michael James Christian
(c) 2012 Michael James Christian 
(c) 2012 Michael James Christian

Once you clean yourself up from looking at the photos, go another round with these videos!


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