Monday, August 13, 2012

Mojo Juju

Back on the saddle for the AU review, I managed to save myself $6 by photographing Mojo Juju on a Sunday night. I didn't know too much about them except for what I saw on the YouTubes and that all looked pretty cool. We got there in time to see the floor fill up with hipsters sitting down. Whatever posses these people to do that is beyond me. Not only are they so far up their own asses that they either don't care or don't realise that when they sit on the ground they are taking up approx two standing peoples space AND.. it's a fucking floor of a night club!


Anyway, the first band was Warren Ellis, I mean pretty lovely. A singer/guitarist and a vionlist... vionlist? vionite? yea. So I did think these guys were cool, but lost serious brownie points because I think that the hipsters sitting down (refer to paragraph 1) had something to do with their mellow sounds.

On to MoJo Juju! a most awesome act, very worth seeing live totally. I am going to spend most my week trying to buy a double bass off ebay or similar..

Anyway, this isn't a review. I'd review those carpet sitting hipsters in the face, but it's not a review..


Shot for the AU review

See more here!

Mojo Juju (c) Michael James Christian 2012

Mojo Juju (c) Michael James Christian 2012

Mojo Juju (c) Michael James Christian 2012

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