Monday, March 19, 2012

Charles Motherfucking Bradley


These were the first words I heard from Charles Bradley when I followed a link from a friends' blog (see below for the video). It's not very often that I hear something and love it straight away, but this was one of those times. Five words sung with an honesty that you don't really hear anymore, no surprises that this is his (proper) debut album and reading a little bit of his story there are also no surprises that he has struggled for a very long time. No one could sing those words like that unless it was true.

Anyway, enough gushing about my new man-crush. I arrived at the Corner pumped up on a V and a short black, ready for a fight, or to photograph.

The support band, The Cactus Channel, was awesome. Ten 19 year olds playing funk/soul - it was quite the sight. Dunno why I didn't get any photos - maybe they were so young and I didn't have a Working With Children certificate?

Charles Bradleys Extraordinaries came on to the stage first and played a couple of instrumental numbers to warm everyone up, it was probably good but we just had 50 minutes of it from the support band. Then the man himself appeared - the Eagle of Soul, or Soul Eagle - whatever it was it was fucking awesome. We were treated to just over a hour and a half of real music, with feeling (and not just skinny jeans) by a real performer.

Photos were easy-peasy, it was the editing and culling that was hard.

Shot for the AU review

See 'em on flickr

Now, a feast for your eyeballs:

Charles Bradley © Michael Christian 2012
Charles Bradley © Michael Christian 2012
Charles Bradley © Michael Christian 2012
Charles Bradley © Michael Christian 2012

And now a feast for your earballs:


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