Sunday, December 12, 2010

girls, girls, girls

My flatmate has been into Girls for a while - he was very excited when I said I will be photographing them. I thought he would come along, and he was going to - but I got the 'you go now, and if I come in I'll give you a txt'... he had a ride to and from the gig from me, if he turned that down do you think he was going to walk to the train station, wait for a train, train to Jolimont, walk to Richmond? andyway... I got in the car knowing that I was going to this gig alone - which is fine cos I would have been taking photos anyway.

Unlike last time, I got there early enough to get up the front - I watched a couple of bands who were ok but both had a constant red light on them - making taking photos pretty hard... that's not why I didn't post any though - I just didn't.




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