Sunday, July 4, 2010

swing-a-ding-ding my dang-a-long-ling-dong

I was asked to photograph a band who had been working hard over the past few months and wanted someone to get some shots of their final night in the run of Wednesdays at a particular bar. They played jazz, which I am into so it was no problem going along with a 'maybe' getting paid. It was a great night and busier than I expected.

They are pretty new to the scene so their MySpace is kinda empty, but keep checking back - some of their original songs we great! I was fighting with the light all night long, it was pretty badly lit - shooting at f2.8 and 6400ISO it was still hit and miss!


  1. I kinda like the light in these, specially the top two.
    Haven't visited your blog in a while . . . you've got some great shots happening. Keep it up.

    Did you manage to catch any extendo showings of Banksy's flick?
    Madman should release it on dvd pretty soon, I guess.

  2. Thanks Emma, it's interesting - I had been offered $150 to shoot this night, but never heard back from them and now they have other shots from that night on their MySpace - not as good if you ask me, but that's me :P

    And no, the last day it was showing was my Birthday so I had other stuff planned.. I will check it out soon enough :)