Saturday, June 19, 2010

first job kinda maybe

As you can see, I photographed The Wagons a few weekends ago - the week after I received an email from the Wagons manager saying they loved my photos and would I be interested in doing some shots of Henry Wagons (lead singer). My first reaction was to give the job to my girlfriend Jess cos she is great at portraits, but she told me I had to do it!
anyway, I met Henry at the Fitzroy Gardens - he had some ideas for shots so off we went and took some shots for a couple of hours.

It was pretty fun, I had a flash with me but I am not very confident with it so I just used available light (what a wanky statement that is.. available light) I have sent the photos off to the manager and Henry and now am waiting for a response, which is scary! All in all it was pretty fun and probably something that I should get into - I really enjoy taking live shots and portrait shoots like this will hopefully be on offer more and more.

And Henry is a really nice guy.


  1. Love the b&ws...
    The looking-through-the-plant-life is great & nice the bokeh on the last shot. Was that the 70-200?

  2. yea it is the 70-200 - I use it alot for gigs and hardly outside during the day when it rules. It looks a little blurry once online but it looked great on my screen - they didn't go for the B/W in the end.