Monday, April 19, 2010

in tro duceing otouto

Gawd.. I wrote the below lines about two weeks ago just after I shot them.. so slack.

I actually have nothing to say apart from I just brought a 24-105L f4 IS lens thing today.

Otouto - a quirky lil art band from Melbourne, they were cool, although I was getting pretty sick of referring to my phone every time someone asked who I was shooting this weekend.

50% of me is getting rather tired of shooting smaller gigs - these are mostly sold out so it makes it very hard to move around once the room is full... the other 50% of me is saying harden the fuck up

cha cha cha check it out >

And now for the bit you probably scrolled down to: the C.F.O.T.G.
I was in two minds about this one, not wanting to be disrespectful to the ladies and all.. but hey, they pull 'em too! Since there was no bass player in this band, all the bets were off and the award could have gone either way, but it went to.. um.. one of the sisters!

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