Wednesday, February 3, 2010


My music photography passions comes from the fact that I play bass in a local band Audiac. I designed the artwork for their first album No Come Down and when they were about to play a couple of shows in Sydney, their bass player quit - I was asked to learn the album and fill in for them. It was quite a fun show and the guys were pretty happy with my efforts, leaving an open invitation to join the band if I moved to Melbourne.
In 2009 we recorded El Toroloco and are now set to release it, which is pretty cool - hopefully some people will be taking photos of me playing some gigs this year!

You can hear snippets of both albums on the website... speaking of website...

I designed the Audiac webite using a online programe thing called WIX. So far so good with the site, it is very basic and is pretty much drag and drop design, no code, code bores me shitless and even though I do graphic design, I have never wanted to get into web design.

It would be great to know what you think of the site, anything I missed? is it easy to navigate?

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