Thursday, January 14, 2010

mittens made from a homeless dog

It's a Wednesday.
I'm on a tram.

It's 8.45pm.

The girl opposite me is eating fush and chups and wiping her fingers on the seat.
I'm drinking a V.

This can only mean one thing...

I am on my way to the Prince Bandroom, St Kilda to photograph The Handsome Family!

I used to w
ork in a little indie record store in New Zealand called Rhino Records (which changed it's name to Radiant Records after Warner Music USA brought the Rhino Label and told my boss to stop using the name) My boss, Warren loved Elvis and country music, not that gay country music like Billy Ray - cool country, like Cash and Hank Williams. He used to listen to The Handsome family abit, so when the opportunity came up to photograph, I thought I'd give it a go. After photographing a couple of 'singer songwriters' and
A) being bored shitless and
B) being bored shitless of taking photos of one person

I was hoping they had a band, but they didn't - and it wasn't bad! they really knew how to interact with the audience, cute (strange) stories between songs broke the night up and it really was a great gig. It was one of those moments that you were watching a seasoned performer compared to someone who is young in their journey
- and there is a huge difference. Ned Collette was the support, who I pretty much missed due arriving late, I got one cool pic of him though.

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  1. nice ones . . . the star-in-the-foreground shot is coolness